Got a job for me?

If you want to make a blog, website or webshop and need any advice or assistance I'm happy to help.

This website has been coded by me line by line. More recently I have got into Wordpress and have made a site for Adam Laurie.

I can also help solve computer problems you may have and help manage your E-life.

Finally, If you think I might be suitable for any other job or entrepreneurial venture then please get in contact with me!

My Connections

Julia Hailes (Mum)

- Enviromental Consulatant, Campaigner and Writer.

Connor Bryant (Brother)

- Product Designer for the Circular Economy

Rollo Bryant (Brother)

- Student at Design Academy Eindhoven, Artist

Adam Laurie

- Hacker, security researcher and consultant.

When I was quite young I set up a blog to write about things that interested me. I started to write more and more about technology and it slowly developed into a website called All Things Tech where I would write about new innovative technologies and gadgets, hacking and other tech news.

As I started to write more the website started doing better and better and got over 40,000 views. I even started putting ads in some of my better preforming posts!

However, I also started a downloads page, where I linked free, cracked software available for download. This prompted a family friend who happend to be a computer lawyer, to be a little concerned.

Eventually I shut-down site, I thought this would be temporary but I moved on to bigger and better projects!

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Brychat was a project I worked on to create an instant messaging webapp for everyone at my school. Although the website never went fully operational it was a useful project as it helped me learn some SQL to get the chat databases working. Below are some pictures of how I experimented with the design of the site.

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Tech Your Home was another idea I had... Its aim was to make it easy to find the exact tech that you wanted for your home. First, you would select a product you want, for example, a TV. Then you could select exactly what features you wanted in that like HD or 3D.

My site would then search through a database and bring you back the product that best fit your requirements. The product could then be purchased on my website but through Amazon, meaning I got a commission on the sale.

The site was a huge project, and I got a fair way through as you can see from the photos below. But, I would have needed to start working full time and set up as a business, which I couldn't do at school. Dispite this, I learned a massive amount from the project. First and foremost I learned how to make a website from the bottom up, line for line, and massively improved my Javascript and SQL.

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When I was 15 I did ICT GCSE. The course was not great and mainly involved changing the formatting on word documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint (Boring..) but there was also a small bit of HTML.

One day we were doing a class project to write a basic quiz using HTML, CSS, and javascript. This was really fun so I carried on the project in my free time and created other IT based quizzes. Not only this but I did all my assignemnts for the rest of that year written in HTML on the website.

Looking back on it now the code was not very well written and the files were terribly unorganized but still it worked...
If you want to check it out I have provided a demo below!

Click Below for a Demo:

Drone Pi

Above is a render of the custom designed case that is being 3D printed as I write this... Full Post Coming Soon!


I have experimented with many programming languages. This website has been built from the ground up, line by line, by me.

Web Technologies

I started learning html (HyperText Markup Language) at 13. Html code allows you to easily create websites with texts, links and a little bit of styling. However the styling options for the page are very limited through html so CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is needed to create a universal style sheet of which you can easily apply to any page you make and subsequently add.

So html and css make a good pair and together can be used to create a well structured and stylish website but the website is still static in nature. To make the website work more dynamically javascript can be used. Javascript is more of a fully fledged programming language that can be embedded right into html code. It is a high-level programming language, meaning it is closer to English than machine code. Just like html and css, javascript is one of the core technologies that helps run the web. It helps to change the behaviour of the page and can allow the user to interact with the page. It is great for making a specific page, after it has loaded, look dynamic. For example, you could write some javascript that said, when a user presses a button the font of the website could be charged etc…

However, sometimes you want to store information from a user, for example, their username and encrypted password to login to your site. To do this you can use PHP and SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL excels in accessing and manipulating data from databases. PHP is a server-side web development language that complements SQL very well. It is used to get, manipulate and display specific information from a server as well as having the ability to issue SQL queries to a database stored on the server.


Swift is a very new language that is used to make apps for Mac OS and IOS systems. Being new it is constantly changing and evolving as apple improves it. Not only this but its age means that there are very few experts in this langunage compared to the old timer languages like C, C++ and Python. This creates a lot of room for innovation and new SWIFT resources, projects and scripts. This is part of the reason why this languange enticed me.
Not long after i started learning SWIFT, the oppertunity for me to go and work with an app development company popped up. The company is called Disciple Media and they create apps for celbrities and bands like the Rolling Stones, KSI and Rudimental.


I have experinmented with Python, mainly just created a text based game but no major projects yet.
I will put the python game that I have made in the downloads section if you want to check it out.
More to come in the future...

The Third Industrial Revolution

I believe that we're just at the beginning of a Third Industrial Revolution - and it has huge potential to increase prosperity and help our planet.

The first and second industrial revolutions brought about some of the most significant changes that humanity has ever seen. It has taken us from field dwelling apes at the mercy of nature to masters of not only our fate but that of the entire natural world.

It has brought about unprecedented improvements in our quality of life and given us time to pursue a vast plethora of goals far beyond our basic needs. Great Britain helped pioneer this revolution leading the world from the agricultural era to the age of mass production, free markets and capitalism.

My view is that the second industrial revolution peaked in 2008 before the financial crisis. Economists now warn that we face another 20 years of declining productivity, slow growth, steep unemployment and increasing inequality. This economic downturn is fuelling growing discontent and spawning extremist political movements around the world. Furthermore, after 200 years of industrial activity scientists report that climate change is ravaging the planet, taking us to the sixth mass extinction event on earth.

Where do we go from here? My answer is the Third Industrial Revolution.

The Third Industrial Revolution - Bring it on!

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Transportation - How the self-driving revolution will transform our lives

Circular Economy - Why we shouldn't be throwing anything away...

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I'm passionate about technology and its impact on the world

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The Third Industrial Revolution – Bring it on!

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